Reception Service of Pst. & Dcns E. J. Inyangudoh,JP


The whole of The Apostolic Church faithfuls and Christian leaders in Eket Field and beyond, as well as notable public figures and leaders of corporate organizations, the creme de la creme of the society all trooped to the beautiful edifice and vineyard of TAC, Great Cobb Road District Headquarters to honour Pst.$ Dcns E. J. Inyangudoh,JP. He is a Minister who has served in the vineyard starting as a brother, Chorister, an Elder, Evangelist and now as the District Pastor. A season speaker, preacher, mentor, teacher of the word, he is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Estate Valuers. The journey has been rigorous but their resilience and firm foundation in God has been the platform of their success story. Today we the members and faithfuls thank God and appreciate their effort. We also appreciate the entire Apostolic faithfuls and the Christian community for joining us in celebrating them. We pray that you all may have great recompense in Jesus Name , Amen.

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