At The Fullness of Time, God Will Make A Way

Sunday 14th February, 2021
Opening prayer: Pastor Ubong S. Inwang
Chorus leader: Bro John Akpan Essien
Efik hymnal: Pastor Ubong S. Inwang, Hymn No 24, RCH 38, MHB 38
Translator: Bro David Udo David
Moderator: Elder (Barr) Peter Ime Akpan
Scripture reading: Elder Abel Ikang
Text: Romans 5:1-11
Worship: Elder Nsikan Henry
Message: At The Fullness of Time, God Will Make A Way
Preacher: Elder E. U. Essien
Bible References: Gen. 18:10-13
The Message:
At the fullness of time, God will make a way for you and every impossibilities in your life, will become possible.The Lord will open a way for you and you will take back every opportunity you had lost. At the fullness of time, God will visit you.
Abraham as a man consoled himself with the promise of God to give him a son.Although Sarah his wife doubted but at the fullness of time, God visited Him and gave him a son (Isaac).
Sarah was counted among women as a mother after God visited her. she conceived and became a mother at an old age.Also, the children of Israel passed through tough and hard times in the hands of Egyptians during the reign of Pharaoh. God Sent Moses to warn Him of his wickedness but he was adamant. And at the fullness of time, God redeemed the Israelites from the bondage of Pharaoh.
Our God works according to time. Stand firm, look up to Him and at the fullness of time He will visit you.Nothing is too hard for Jesus.Never give up on yourself because God works with time and no time is late. He gives us every good thing at the right time. Don’t forget that destiny may be delayed but cannot be denied.Hold unto God, have faith in Him, for at the appointed time, he will visit you.

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