At the Point of Victory

Opening Prayer : Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP
Chorus Leader: Elder Okon Douglas
Efik Hymnal: By Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP EHB No. 19, RCH 13, MHB 28
Translator: Elder Inwang Anwan
Moderator: Pastor Ubong Inwang
Scripture Reading: Elder (Barr.) Peter Ime Akpan Taken From: Rev 5:1 – 14
Worship By: Assist. Pastor Nsikak Etokobot
Message By: Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP
Text : At the Point of Victory
Text: Ephesians 6:10 – 14
We are all soldiers of Christ, as His followers, and as a soldiers, we do not fight for victory, but we fight from a point of victory. This is so because our father has already won the battle and gain victory. As Christians, we battle from our point of victory. Many times we fight and battle for victory because we fail to recognize the our point of victory. We should understand that we do not battle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. Hence, the reason to battle from the point of victory. We cannot battle for victory and succeed except, fighting from the point of victory that was won for us by Christ Jesus.
Our Sure Victory Weapons
In Ephesians 6:10 down, God has revealed 6 spiritual weapons of warfare:
Belt of truth
God Himself is the truth, and anything planted on the platform of truth must succeed. Failing to battle in truth, means you are aligning with the devil who is the father of lies and he welcomes you to his fold. If we have the knowledge about our past lives and it stands as a evidence against us, we only need to go to God in an honest heart, confessing our past and God is kind and able to recreate what we lost. Confessing in truth and sincerity ensures that whatever is our past, He is a faithful God and going before Him in truth, we will be able to win the battles of life.
The breastplate of righteousness
This is our weapon of warfare that can deal our enemies a blow. Christ’s righteousness is always available when we accept the work of Christ and his righteousness becomes ours. Therefore His righteousness is no doubt a spiritual weapon built with a destructive force to conquer the enemies spiritually and physically.
Gospel of Peace
Why do we need the Gospel of Peace? For Christ Himself is the prince of peace, and the devil knows that if we have that peace, he is already defeated. Our peace of mind should be guided from all evil thoughts and with all diligence, for out of it comes issues of life and every seed of wickedness. How peaceful are you amongst your brethren, amongst your co-workers and even in the Church of Christ. This year, God demands peace from your heart as one of the weapons of our warfare.
The Shield of Faith
Faith is evidence of those things not seen but you believe them. Things in the supernatural will all come and manifest in the physical when you first believe. Those things that we cannot see are the only things that last forever. And it is impossible for one to please God without faith, and without faith, it amounts to doubting God a belittling Him. How faithful are you to God?; how strong is your believe in Him?;many reduce Him to nothing.
This year 2021, He is ready to decorate you with these weapons of warfare, only believe and have faith in Him.
The Helmet of Salvation
Soldiers wear helmets to protect their heads from bullets, spears and wiles of the enemies. This means to be constantly washed in blood of the lamb. Be watchful and be guided not to remove the helmet because the devil is constantly watching to see when you are off guard to hit hard at you. To continually and constantly win this war, we must always fight from our point of victory and girded with our helmet of righteousness , which is our right standing with God always.
The Sword of the Spirit
The last weapon is both offensive and defensive. Without it, you cannot battle and win, this is the word of God,
It has the power to protect us, destroy the enemies and defend us in the battles of life. The word has to dwell in us, be part of us . The word itself was Christ who became flesh.When you are confronted with problems, be provoked to release the word, and the enemies will flee, scattered into pieces in seven ways. Therefore, study the word to show yourself approved, a worthy soldier who need not fear in the face of battle.
Put on the whole armor of God, the six weapons of warfare, which are not carnal and never fails. When fully armed with these weapons, you will be able to fight from the point of victory. Together, they are the most destructive force in the world that defeats any army of the devil. Gird and shod on the whole armor of salvation, always being alert and conscious to use them to fight from the point of victory in Christ Jesus.
Quote for the Day:
Faith is a force stronger than the nuclear weapon; it gathers its momentum and gravity, increasing with every word from the scripture backing our spiritual platform to a destructive point of our victory in Christ Jesus.
– Psalmy Praiseley
The word of God is characterized by a distinctive force that is not found anywhere, accompanied with the six weapons of the spirit, lethal enough to bring down even principalities and powers in the physical or spiritual.
– Psalmy Praiseley

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