Barriers to Efficient Productivity

Hallelujah to Jesus! Our Day Two Area Rotational Prayer Summit at TACN, Obot Mfon-Abasi District was awesome with God’s Servant, Pst U. O. Jonah who preached on BARRIERS TO EFFICIENT PRODUCTIVITY and highlighted the following factors:

  1. a) Human Elements (Luke 6: 6-8)
  2. b) Age and Timing of Life (Ecc 3:1; Mark 11: 12-14)
  3. c) Spirit of Unforgiveness (Mark 11: 20-26)
  4. d) Lack of Faith and Believe in God (Mark 11:20-26)
  5. e) Ineffective Communication (Gen 1:26)
  6. f) Curses

Join us at TACN, Great Cobb Road District tomorrow for another encounter with God.

See few clips