Creating Tomorrow With Your Decision Judges.

Sunday 27th August, 2023
Opening Prayer: Pst E. J. Inyangudoh (JP)
Opening Hymn: Efik Hymn No. 26
Bible Reading: Eld. Okon Douglas
Taken from: Psalm 95 1:7
Worship: Eld. Samuel Edem
Message :
Pst E. J. Inyangudoh (JP)
Topic: Creating Tomorrow With Your Decision* Text: Judges 11:29-36
Life is all about the choices we make and the decision we make today affect our future. Some decisions are regrettable, while some can haunt you for a lifetime. Therefore, decisions are serious tools that can make or mar your life. The above Bible portion tells the story of a man, Jephthah who made a hasty decision without first, considering the consequences or other alternatives.
Some decisions can destroy and annihilate an entire generation, some can as well mortgage our future and destinies.
Before taking decisions, first consider the following:
1. Identify what type of decision you are about to take. Jephthah was hasty in taking decision without considering other alternatives.
2. Consider the goal you tend to achieve.
3. First identify possible alternatives.
4. Choose from amongst the options the best and be sure not to push blames.
4. Never make a permanent decision out of emotions or fantasies.
Some of life’s decisions causes pains and tears. If we sample options first while considering results, some consequences can be averted.
Many ancestral burdens and curses come to bare because of hastiness in taking decisions.
Reference: Proverbs 21:5
Many live a life of regret today because of yesterday’s decisions and actions, especially when in anger. Refrain from taking decisions when in anger, merriment or sober modes. Seek guidance, also be careful and conscious for those moments can provoke spirits into creating or destroying your future .
Beware of hasty decisions because it can disappoint, lead to failure and regret. When taking decisions, reconsider, rethink and wait for directives of the Holy spirit.

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