Delayed But Not Late

Sunday 18th September, 2022

Divine Service

Moderator: Eld.(Barr.) Peter I. Akpan

Translator: Eld.Samuel Edem

Opening Prayer: Pst. Emmanuel Inyangudoh (JP)

Chorus: Bro. John Akpan Essien

Opening Hymn: E.H.B.No.13, RCH: 21, MHB:12

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 2:5-12 by Elder Essien U. Essien

Worship: Eld. Nsikan H. Essien 

Speaker: Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh(JP)

Topic: Delayed But Not Late

Text: John 11:1-6, John 11:21 – 23,John 11:31-33


The song “See what the Lord has done…” is today a song of faith. God is using this song to prepare grounds for testimonies for His people. The song comes in dual capacity; having seen the beginning of the month of September and the end of it, we believe we will see the beginning of October.

In the spiritual realm, what we hope for we receive in the physical. Things you hope for, long for, desire, things you will like to happen may be delayed but not late to manifest. It is not late because we desire them in our time frame but the timing of God is different. It is not late because time is in His hands and whatever God does is to fulfil His purpose within His will. Anything that will not honour Him, God will not do it.

In the text John 11:1-6, the bible says , even though Jesus loves Lazarus and his sisters, and he knew the urgency required to attend to the sick Lazarus, yet he stayed behind two additional days. Many a times we pray and ask God for something, He may decide to keep His own time even when He knows we urgently desire to have it. God loves us, there’s no argument but we may be forced to ask, who is this God that knows the urgency of what I need and who is this God that loves me, yet He can’t give me what I need now ? Sometimes we may accuse God to be wicked, slow or that He is no more in existence. sometimes we reason far from His thoughts, sometimes we say He is not hearing us, or He will not answer us. But the song says  “You are God, from beginning to the end…”.Irrespective of what we  think of God, or how we  perceive Him, He is still God. He does what He wants to do per time.He is not limited by time, space or distance.

God is an  infinite being that is not limited. Sometimes He involve humans in the his affairs, this does not mean that He is limited or that He cannot do the things by himself. No one can determine His height, weight or size. Often times we name Him according to what experiences and encounters we have with Him. We call Him Jehovah Rapha, God the healer; Jehovah Jireh, God the provider, but these  are little experiences compared to who He really is.

In Him there is no barrier, distance is not a barrier. He would have stayed where He was and heal Lazarus but He decided to stay two additional days. He will do what we ask Him for, but He will stay extra two days. Only wait for Him because it is only delayed but not late. In verses 21 and 22, Lazarus Sisters told Him, if you were here, this calamity wouldn’t have befell us but even now…  though your condition is bad, though men have failed you, even now He can reverse those situations. Also in verse 31-33 ,Mary and Martha repeated the same statement(Lord,if you were here… but even now…) and express their faith, passion, trust and interest in the ability of Jesus to save and resurrect Lazarus. Jesus, angered and deeply grieved at heart, wept and raised Lazarus.

Even now, God is here to speak to that your situation .He is the God of NOW. He is never late at any situation, condition and time. He is the master of time, the master over every condition and situation. He was provoked for the sake of the tears and reproach of Lazarus’s family and He commanded Lazarus to come out of the grave.

Today, heaven is provoked to command everything in your life to be revived. Every closed doors and tombs  depriving you of your testimonies, Heaven is provoked to command them to open for your testimonies now. When He saw the tears, affection and passion of Lazarus’s sisters and friends, Jesus wept. Since He wept for the condition and the situation of  Lazarus, Mary and Martha, He is weeping for your reproach, for your shame, and the tomb and gates will loose you and set you free now. No matter how stinking, rotten, smelling your situation and condition is, all lost hopes are restored. Even now, Jesus has set you free.He is the God of NOW.

Remain blessed!


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