Divine Direction

Sunday 21, August 2022
Moderator: Elder Samuel Edem
Opening Prayer: Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh ,JP.
Choruses: Bro. Nathaniel Uffia
Opening Hymn: EHB No.84, RCH: 520, MHB:224
Translator: Bro. David Essien Usoh
Bible Reading: Elder Nsikan Henry- Hebrew 2:5 – 12
Worship By: Elder Emem Abang
Message By: Eld. Peter U. Akpan
Topic : Divine Direction
Text: Genesis 2:1, Genesis 26:1 – 4
Every purposeful and fulfilled life is directed by God.Without God’s directive, we are nothing and can achieve nothing. God spoke to Abraham in his father’s house and directed him to leave his kindred to a land He will show him. Abraham obeyed God.
The place of God’s directive is a place of fulfilment. Without Abraham hearkening to God’s directive, he wouldnt have been who he was. Those promises and covenants God made in his life were only activated when he departed to where God showed him.
The directives of God produces result and makes providence for every need and requirements in one’s life. Operating under God’s directive is the sure way to positive results. When He prepares a place for everyman, He gives directives leading to the place. Many times, the obstacles and barriers we encounter in life daily are because we neglect the directives of God. We most oftenly see them as failures in life, attributable to the devil. Sometimes, the directives of God sounds foolish, but is profitable to man. It was God’s directive that made the Israelites triumph against their enemies, with the Levites going before the army of Israel with musical instruments singing and making a joyful noise to the Lord. They won that battle without drawing a sword.
Benefits of Divine Direction:
* It gives protection – Exodus 23:20
* It gives support 1 Thess. 5:24
*It makes one to be at ease (No difficulty) – Psalm 25:13
* Render one’s enemies helpless – Psalm 23
* It brings blessings and increase Genesis 26:1-4
* It brings peace from alll sides – Isaiah 48:18
* It gives liberty in the Spiritual.
* It enable one Conquer the spiritual and physical battles
* It activates unlimited breakthrough – Joshua 6:2-5.
How to Access Divine Direction:
* Be born again – John 3:3, John 10:1-4
” Be Baptized with the Holyspirit –
* Be filled with meekness – Psalms 25:9,12, Psalms 37:5, Numbers 12:3
* Follow the voice and directive of the spirit – John 10:27, Rev. 2:7, 11,17,29, Revelation 1:10
* Fear God and Keep His commandments – Ecclessiastes 12:13, Psalm 25:12 – 14
You become an authority when you operate under divine direction and influence as God Himself is an authority. Operating under the influence of divine direction attracts peace to your life.
Quotes of the Day
Utterances led by the Spirit are words of wisdom – Eld. Peter Udo Akpan
Man is limited in accessing divine directive because sin rips him out from the realm of the spirit – Eld. Peter Udo Akpan