I am Thy God, Thy Saviour

Sunday 4rd September, 2022
Divine Service
Moderator:. Elder Nsikan Henry
Translator: Elder Samuel Edem
Opening Prayer: Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh (JP)
Choruses:. Bro. Emmanuel Smart
Hymn:. E.H.B.No.3, RCH: 656, MHB:2
Scripture Reading: Elder James Joe — Exodus 5:1- 11
Worship : Elder (Barr.) Peter Ime Akpan
Message: Pastor O. O. Ukpe
Topic: I am Thy God, Thy Saviour
Text: Isaiah 43: 1 – 7, John 12:26; Luke 19:5, John 1:12
God’s promise is that He is our God, our Saviour. This is a statement of assurance and enough for us to know that in this month of September, nothing shall worry us. We will recall that in the last Sunday of August, we were admonished to be well positioned for the kingdom. For us who heeded that instruction from God, He is promising us today that He is our God and our Saviour. As His children, steadfastly looking on to Him, He won’t allow this month to be unfavourable to us.
Let’s examine a few issues from God’s assurance that He is our God and our saviour:
1.In John 12:26, Jesus declares “if any man serve me, same will my father honour”. Brethren, as we imbibed what we were told about being positioned for the kingdom and serve God diligently, He will honour us in fulfilling all His promises to us in the name of Jesus, amen.
2.The word of God says do not fear, for I am your saviour, do not be afraid, because I have delivered you. This is a statement of victory,He has granted us victory already in this month of September. John 3:16 records that God so loved us and gave us His only begotten son.That gift took away our fears.
3.God made us and qualified us as His children.He knows us by name and faces. In Luke 19:5 we are told of Zacchaeus, in his bid to catch a glimpse of Jesus Christ, went up the sycamore tree because of great multitude. Jesus ,on approaching called him by his name, asked him to come down and declared salvation unto his house hold.The question is, who mentioned his name to Jesus?no one. He is the God that knows everyone by name and faces. Wherever you may be God knows you by name and face.
4.God made us His own.The Bible says ”as many as received Him, gave He power to become sons of God. For us that has accepted Him,we are His sons and all His promises will be fulfilled in our lives.
Benefits of serving God:
1.You shall be an overcomer. In Isaiah 43:2,God declares, when you pass through the waters,I will be with you. Through His companionship, you overcome every problem in your life.
2.The rivers shall not overflow and cover your paths.Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He parted the red sea for the Israelites to pass through and the waters didn’t overflow and cover them. Therefore, turbulent waters of this life shall not cover you
3. You shall walk with fire as a child of God.Since Jesus is with us, no fire will consume us .
4.You won’t afraid because the saviour is with you.
5.He will call you honourable, Isaiah 43:4. You are under the shadow of His wings.
6.He shall gather all good things from the east and west and restore them for you.This promise covers even those name after you as children, Isaiah 43:5-7
God has given you a promise, that is your God and Saviour, therefore it is your place now to accept Him and get the benefits of this promise. He is at your door knocking and he waits anxiously for you to open and accept Him(Revelation 3:20). Behold as you accept Him into your life, He will be your God and Saviour.
Be blessed?