Positioned For The Kingdom

Sunday,28 August 2022
Divine Service
Moderator: Pastor O.O.Ukpe
Translator:Elder Inwang Anwan
Opening Prayer:Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP
Choruses:Bro.Saviour Enrico
Hymn:E.H.B No.14
Scripture Reading: Elder Samuel Edem.. Revelation 7:9-17
Worship: Elder Abel Ikang
Message: Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP
Topic: Positioned For The Kingdom
Text: 2Corinthians 5:12-21
When God created man, He made provision for him to have dominion and prosper . This provision aligns with the scripture that says”I wish above all things that you may prosper….(3John 1:2)”. We all need to prosper, but prosperity on earth is not all that we need.When we are done in the world, definitely we have business with the heavenly kingdom.Our life here on earth is just about one percent, after which we will live in eternity.
Therefore, the question we should be bothered with is , how are we positioned for the kingdom? When God created man,He gave him dominion,translating to the fact that there was one rulership and authority.Man through disobedience and sin lost dominion to Satan and a second authority was established. God had to send His son,Jesus Christ to reconcile man with God so that man can take back authority and dominion.Through Christ,we who embrace the redemptive work of the cross are bought back into sonship and made ambassadors.We therefore, as ambassadors are to proclaim and declare the kingdom of God, the Father just as Christ did.
Who is an Ambassador?
We are Christ’s ambassadors. An ambassador is a political appointee of a government of a particular country vested with the responsibility and power of carrying out engagements in foreign land on behalf of the home country.Within the embassy where he functions from,it is the rules of his country that operates and prevails.He is saddled with the duty to speak for, and in defense of his country.Thus ,Christ made us His ambassadors to speak and proclaim the kingdom business.
How do you get positioned for the kingdom?
* You have to be filled with the holy spirit.It has nothing to do with academic qualification,or how intelligent,wise one may be.John 14:16-21.You can be a church goer , but if you are not filled with the holy spirit, you can’t be an ambassador
* You have to be ready to represent your king .In the kingdom we are referring to, there’s a king and His name is Jehovah Jireh.A kingdom is a territory ruled by a King.He is in charge of affairs and gives direction.John20:21-22. God, the Father sent the Son, and the son now commissioned us to represent him , with power and authority and do the kingdom’s business.
*You have to be committed to the interest of the kingdom.John 9:4-5
* You have to imitate the kingdom.You must imitate, emulate and resemble the principal officers of the kingdom–God , the Father, the Son, the holy spirit and the angels that ministers in the kingdom.
Ephesians 2:8-9 make us to understand that we are saved by grace through faith, not of works.To be positioned for the kingdom, you have to purge yourself of any thought that will make you feel you have done anything to qualify for the kingdom.No man is righteous (Romans 3:12). Such thoughts will lead you to destruction.You have to accept the finished work on the cross inorder to qualify for the kingdom (recall the thief on the cross beside Christ).
When you finish this life , where will you spend eternity?A time comes, when Christ will call His ambassadors back home.It behoves on us to be well positioned for the Kingdom.
God bless you!