Provoking Season of Productivity

It was another awesome encounter at His feet as God’s Servant, Pst Anietie Isaiah exposited on PROVOKING SEASON OF PRODUCTIVITY @ Great Cobb Road District, Eket. The synopsis of the message were:

* God created us to be productive. Life of productivity is a fulfilled life and happy living.

* Productivity is living to ones best, according to God’s desire. Life is governed by TIME and SEASON. God has zero tolerance for unproductivity (Matt 25:15-end).

* Light is one crucial ingredients for productivity (Gen 1:1-3).

* In life, things happen. In life, certain things don’t just happen but must be PROVOKED to happen.


# By force (Num 27)

# By working into existence (John 5:17)

# By repositioning (Mark 10:47)

# By praying into existence (1 Sam 1:12-19; Isa 38:1-5)

# Through sacrifice (Gen 22:1-13).

Glory to Jesus, the Christ!