Sustaining Season of Productivity

It was awesome, great, delicious and thus, ended up in Praise as God’s Vessel, Pst E. Inyangudoh, JP rapped up the convocation with the techniques of SUSTAINING SEASON OF PRODUCTIVITY. The analogy was that the image of God as recorded in Gen 1:26 carries three facts:

# possession of the attributes/qualities of God

# having good relationship with God

# exhibiting functional attributes of God, that is, having the capacity to perform certain functions.

Thus, for one to sustain season of productivity; then such a person should:

  1. a) get connected to the source of supply (John 15:4-5)!
  2. b) acknowledge and focus on the blesser (Deu 8:10-18);
  3. c) not be spiritually dead (Matt 13:24-29);
  4. d) know the quality of seedlings (Pro 13:11; Jer 17:11; James 1:17);
  5. e) trust in the source (Jer 17:7-8);
  6. f) be mindful of changes in seasons (that is, adaptation).

Hallelujah to Jesus, our Hope and Redeemer on ages past!

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