The Dimensions of God’s Greatness

Sunday 3rd September, 2023
Opening Prayer: Pst E. J. Inyangudoh (JP)
Opening Hymn: Efikk Hymn No. 85
Bible Reading: Eld. UbongAbasi Davies
Taken from: Rev 7:9 -17
The Worship: Eld. Nsikan Sunday Nnah
Message By: Pst E. J. Inyangudoh (JP)
Theme: The Dimensions of God’s Greatness (Jeremiah 10:6)
The dimensions of God’s Greatness talks about His absolute rulership of everything, He has power to create and to destroy, He choses to do anything He wishes at any given time without being questioned, this are the dimensions of how great He is.
Marvel at the works of creation, the mountains, the vastness of the the waters, the widespread sky and it’s elements, all created by God, He is the King of all Kings, even those who deny his existence, He still Lords over them all. The atheist don’t believe in His existence, yet it does not change Him, or make His power limited, neither His Kingdom, it spans to the beyond even to eternity.
They can be experienced through the following:
= God is Eternal – (Isaiah 40:6-8)
= His Word – (John 1:1)
= God is Infinite – (Rev 22:13, Psalms 90:2)
= The measure of His Wisdom: (Rom 11:33-36)
= His Administrative Power: (Psalm 147:4-6)
= His Supreme Power: Ephesians 1:19-20,
= Greatness in Love and Mercy: (Ephesians 2:4-8, 2 Corinth. 5:21)
God’s Greatness cannot be comprehended by any, He is great all by Himself and creations speak about His Greatness in different dimensions stated above. Are we participants in His Love and Mercy, does this love reflect in our daily lives and activities, examine yourself and ponder for through His greatness He made all things.
* When men say it is over, God takes over.
* Without tests, there are no Testimonies.

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