The King Is Coming For You

Sunday 30th July, 2023
Message By: Pst E. J. Inyangudoh (JP)
(2nd Sam 9:1-7)
Moral Lesson: Never Loose Hope in God’s Process.
Major Characters: King David, Mephibosheth Jonathan’s Son, and Ziba.

In the history of some people’s life, in it is the prove that life is not balance. And to some, their early life does not really depict who or what God has for them, or what people expects from them. The story of Mephibosheths lineage as the grand son of Saul and the son of Jonathan who was David’s bossom friend, he was crippled and retired to a low life as events turn up unexpected after his parents death.

The place where lame Mephibosheth dwelled and the condition where he found himself denotes the economic condition of the city – Lo-debar, it rather is seen according to it’s poor state as Low-debar, a place for the poor, less previledged. Mephibosheth found himself from a royal family, but due to process of time, life’s unbalanced condition dragged him down to a lowly and rejected place. He went from grace to grass, from royalty to poverty.

But today’s message is to encourage someone that the Low-debars of their life should not shape our life according to their condition, that place where you find yourself today is not who you are.

Maybe your life situation is not same as Mephibosheth, but you have been dealt with seriously by rough conditions of life, do not lost hope, the King is Coming for You. Hope smiled back at Mephibosheth when King David sought to pay back the house of Jonathan for his father’s kind gesture, at Low-debar, the King demanded Mephibosheth be brought to him, “The King is Coming for you”, that was the message send to Mephibosheth, that was the only hope of a young man with royal blood and lineage, that is the hope for you today and this month end that “The King is Coming for you” to favour and change your story.

When the King finds you: (2 Sam 9:7)
He will restore your losses for pass years
He will refurbish you
He will rebrand you
He will make you smile again, because He is the King of Kings. That same God that visited forgotten and rejected Mephibosheth to change his story is coming to visit you this day. Remain blessed.