Message: Pst O. O. Ukpe
Moral Lesson: He is the Living Water our Solution.
Major Characters: Jesus Christ, The Samaria Woman at the Well and the City Dwellers.
Being privilege to see the first Sunday of this month, calls for special thanks to God. Though the passage is lenghty but it conveys numerous themes for different topics of discussion, but today’s message will place something before us to prepare us that there comes our way a GOODNEWS. Aligned to last week’s message, “The King is Coming for you”, since He is coming, He bears with Him GOODNEWS for those He visits.
We are acquainted with the story of the woman of Samaria at the well, she had an August Visitor who came to change her story, going to the well wasn’t an unexpected event, He knew the time and the caliber of people that visits the well and the times. He visited you last month, this August He comes to give your expected GOODNEWS for a turnaround.
Christ requested for a cup of water, not because He couldn’t fetch or provide for Himself, He is the living water, that was what the woman needed most, every Blessing comes as a reward of work, she was not privy to the knowledge of who Christ is, but after she was informed of her past life, the spirit opened her eyes, realizing, she rushed into the city telling people about Christ.
She was an outcast, the city dwellers treated her same, therefore the disciples of Christ knew about her deeds, they where troubled about His encounter with her, but except Christ visits a man, his story cannot change, in John 5:3 down, the story portrays a man whom his family and relatives had rejected and abandoned, but Christ rewrite his testimony.
What is your predicament, what is your story of past life, have you been rejected and outcast, has men concluded your story, in this month of August, your story will give birth to your testimony, therefore hold unto Him, wait until He speaks into your situation.