Why the Triumphant Entry?

Opening Prayer: Pst Emmanuel Inyangudoh
Choruses: Eld. Inwang Anwan
Opening Hymn: Apostle U. S. Ukpong (JP)
Hymn No. 50,RCH: 93,MHB:836
Translator: Eld. Samuel Edem
Moderator: Apostle R. U. Okposin
Worship : Apostle Ron U. Okposin (Field Temple Area Supt.)
Message: Pst Emmanuel Inyangudoh
Theme: Why The Triumphant Entry
Text: Matthew 21:1 – 13
References: Zachariah 9:9, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17
Christ as we know Him wasn’t a man that shows up at any time, but why enter Jerusalem in that format. He is a man full of meekness and an embodiment of humility. One may ask why did the crowd throng the street of Jerusalem. Palm Sunday signifies his parade through the streets of Jerusalem as recorded in the Books of Matthew, Mark Luke and John. Though other events in the bible are not reported so, but the triumphant entry appears and is recorded same in the four synoptic gospels.
The story in Matt 21:1-13,happened few days before passover. He was not a politician who will display wealth to win support, but why the triumphant entry?
(1)it was the appointed time for His Messianic nature to be revealed. There was no lobbying, but He was celebrated because it was time to make known His messianic ministry.
(2) it was to manifest the prophecy of Zachariah 9:9, this prophecy was fulfilled to the Glory of God, not for political gain.
(3) His saddling the ass through Jerusalem without anyone raising an eye brow signifies His authority over Heaven and earth. He accepted to ride on that ass to demonstrate His lowliness, meekness and humility – These symbols were noticeable in His life. (4) For the thronging crowd to lay their robes and palm fronds on the street for Him to ride through demonstrated the fact that Jesus alone is worthy of worship and reference. The Jewish belief
and concept of their Messianic appearance was that He will come to wrestle earthly thrones, but rather, He demonstrated Heavenly kingdom and the Glory of His Father. He never came to conquer nations, but the hearts and minds of men. That is why He made us His joint heirs and children of His Father’s kingdom.
The Reason of His Entry Into Jerusalem:
He rode into the city as a king, not as an earthly and political ruler but as the Spiritual king who owns all kings and political power. As the ancient of days, the prince of peace and as peace personified, He went to Jerusalem as a humble and meek King that
cannot hurt. Before now, out of passion for mankind, He healed all manners of diseases and had compassion for people but that same Jesus walked into the temple and was angry about what was going on. Entering into the temple, he saw how the place was commercialized and decided to scatter their business tables and wares, then drive them out. When He marched in to perform His will, He demonstrated what happened at His crucifixion. That is when He was buried, He resurrected with the power to cleanse us and wrestle us off the hands of every chains of sin that held us bound. The trinity expects us to keep the status quo of the temple. He has done the work of cleansing and has perfected everything concerning us, paid the price and this also is symbolical that we all are the temple of the Lord.
He triumphantly entered into the temple to set apart the place. He was not after the building but was after our body because we are the temple, and not to be commercialized. Today our temple is full of junks and fetish items that does not glorify His Father. His entry into the temple to cast out the traders was that He requires our body, the real temple to be kept purified and holy. People today sell their body, the temple to idols in exchange for money, entire generations are sold out.Some give out their entire body to be tattooed and engage in sexual immorality. He frowns at such acts, therefore let us not be deceived, let us maintain the status quo of the temple.
Now the question is, how clean is your temple?, is your temple still maintaining the status quo?. we are that temple He fought to
keep clean and tidy, any temple defiled is destroyed (1Corinthians 3:17).His temple should be purified, cleaned and kept away
from defilement. What shall we do then now that we have be told? the fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. Is there any one that say I’m free from defilement? can any one stand to identify himself as “That Temple”?. Since we are that temple,
we are expected to be Holy and put away every unclean things or else face destruction as is written in the portion above. His blood of atonement did that work of purifying and cleansing. If He should appear in Glory today, will you be one He will destroy or one He will say, “You are that Temple”?
Quotes of the Day:
– His triumph at the street of Jerusalem depicts a kingly entrant different from the earthly government. – Psalmy Praiseley
– Come all ye, throng through, lay your garments, apparels and jewels to display your loyalty and worship the Saviour that was agonized, bruised and broken for all. – Psalmy Praiseley

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