Your Waiting Time is Over

Divine Worship Service

Sunday,27 December,2020

Opening Prayer by:   Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh ,JP

Chorus Leader:           Bro. Nathaniel Uffia/John Akpan Essien

Efik Hymnal: Led by  Pst Emmanuel Inyangudoh No. 28, RCH 46, MHB 117

Translator:                  Elder Inwang Anwan

Moderator:                 Pastor Ubong S. Inwang

Scripture Reading:     Elder (Barr.) Peter Ime Akpan Taken From: Luke 2:1 – 11

Worship By:                Pastor (Prof.) Kingsley O. Sampson

Message By:               Pastor Emmanuel Inyangudoh,JP

Title:                            Your Waiting Time is Over

Text:                            Exodus 14:10 – 28

References:                Isaiah 40:28, Exodus Chapters 14 and 15


From the story found in the text, Exodus 14:10-28, the Children of Israel were faced with diverse situations, before them is the red sea and behind, the Egyptian army was also waiting to annihilate them. In a fixed between going forward and getting drowned in the sea and waiting to be destroyed by the army of Egypt, they contemplated and doubted God’s power. The same has happened to many this year, 2020, many saw their gods fail and they turn to the Almighty God, many saw that their wealth cannot preserve them. A year of many happenings and a year that saw everyone being equal and gripped with palpable fear of the Corona Virus pandemic. Many questions begged for answers, but we have God of the eleventh hour. God is about to start something new in you. Your waiting time is over.

The Author and Finisher of Our Faith

God knows the end from the beginning. He knew the tribulations we will all pass through in year 2020. When He gives a message, most are not really clear to us. Joseph was told he will be the head of his family and all his brethren will bow to him, but he also never knew he will be sold out into slavery, that he will be dumped in the pit, Joseph did not know he will put into prison and will become an ex-convict to get to the throne sworn to him by God. In the journey of Christianity, God has vowed many things for us, but we also forget that the journey may not be smooth as we expect. Sometimes, we concluded that ours is over, but God is admonishing us today that we must pass through those adversaries and trials to walk through to our destiny.

What we are passing through in life is just like a swelling storm and weather, but they are to motivate us to summon courage while we move towards our destiny. While in a boat, it is not the water that surrounds the boat that sinks it but it sinks when water enters inside. The sea water that splashes into the boat should not weigh us down, we should never give up, but try to empty the boat and still sail to shore, because if we allow the sea to overpower us, we will drown. 2020 did not weigh us down because we believe there is a brighter future. That is our journey, pushing on until we realize our future. Nothing good comes easy, because God takes time to prepare and groom us in preparation for our future. God’s time is not our time and in His own time table He has made all things beautiful and good.

Are you waiting patiently for God, patient is not the ability to wait, but the ability to wait with the right attitude. While waiting, you should still believe and know that God is able and include Him in your plans. The Egyptians thought they can overpower and overthrow the Israelites at the embankment of the red sea, but God admonished the Israelites, saying “ they Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more”. At His time, the sea swallowed the Egyptians and the Israelites escaped alive. Fear not, for God is taking us somewhere, I will be there and you will also be there in 2021.


Life is like a book, with chapters and verses, some with sadness, joy and celebration. Opening the pages leads to somewhere, but unknown to you what the next chapter holds until you are there. In the next chapter of our journeys in life, God is moving us from grace to greater grace and to our destiny land with victorious exploits. Wait on God patiently for He will do as He did for the Israelites at the end of their exodus. He is the God of the eleventh hour, never late and He never fails. So go back with hope because your waiting time is over.

Quote for the Day:

Patient is not the ability to wait, but the ability to wait with the right attitude. – Pst. Emmanuel Inyangudoh

Waiting attitudes are not common as found in laziness, but tis one seed of faith that accompanies believers to their victory – Psalmy David

The waiting time is a trying time and after the trials comes breakthroughs that cannot be compared to the sorrows passed. – Psalmy David


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